4-6 Person Privacy Booth

4-6 Person Privacy Booth

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Introducing Sunline Serenity Privacy Booths: Tailor-Made Privacy with Style and Comfort.

Elevate your workspace with Sunline’s innovative Serenity Privacy Booths, designed to offer customizable privacy solutions that meet your unique needs. With an array of colors, designs, and sizes to select from, our pod furniture merges flair with functionality, allowing you to carve out a personal haven of tranquility and style.

Discover the benefits of the Serenity Privacy Booths:

  • Main Material: Tempered glass (same quality standard as Metro sliding door tempered glass). Aviation Aluminum frame, strong carbon composite wall panels, floor damping carpet. Wood-free, glue-free, screw-free
  • Interior Material : Using 60% high density PET acoustic panel as sound absorption materials inside the booth, making the sound clearer
  • Voltage: 110-220V/50Hz and 12V-USB power supply system
  • Dimensions: 84″D x 86.5″W x 90.5″ H
  • Ventilation System:1~3pcs silent fan –refresh the air every three minutes.
  • Lighting System: 4000K LED central lighting system
  • Acoustic date: Rw+ Ctr 30dB (±5dB)/ RT0.25 s(±0.01s)
  • Fire retardant: Whole item up to Class B fire-proof
  • Furniture: Interior furniture is included
  • Easy Installation: It can be assembled and disassembled within two hours; no screws needed to install the booth structure
  • Available in three other sizes, including: