Private Office Cubicles





Private Office Cubicles 

Transform your office into a hub of efficiency and privacy with our private office cubicles.


Crafted with meticulous precision, these cubicles redefine the workplace by seamlessly blending functionality and privacy. Perfect for a wide range of industries, from corporate powerhouses to dynamic tech spaces, our cubicles provide an ideal environment for focused work and collaboration. 

The SUNLINE Advantage 

Design and Customization

Revitalizing the traditional office icon, the SUNLINE Signature + Select panel systems represent a modern evolution of the classic cubicle design. These systems go beyond aesthetics, enhancing the traditional framework with a focus on quality, customization, flexibility, and affordability. 


This revamped approach ensures that businesses not only benefit from a refreshed and contemporary office aesthetic but also gain practical advantages — found in our private office cubicles with doors — in terms of adaptability and cost-effectiveness. 


The result is a sophisticated yet functional solution that aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of the contemporary workspace.

Cubicle Accessory Compatible

Get the most from SUNLINE’s private office cubicles with accessories like: 


  • Sit-stand bases
  • Frosted sliding and swinging doors for private office cubicles with doors
  • Box files
  • File cabinets
  • Hanging box drawers
  • Mobile boxes and files with seat cushions
  • Wardrobe cabinets
  • Overhead storage cabinets
  • Whiteboards
  • Shelves
  • Monitor arms
  • Task lights


Functionality and Flexibility 

Utilizing our highly flexible cubicle system, we can efficiently design your workspace in-house, covering everything from space planning to cubicle height adjustments. This adaptability ensures that your workspace is not only tailored to your current needs but can easily evolve as your business grows. 


Additionally, you can build your own cubicles, allowing for a straightforward customization process that aligns precisely with your business requirements. This practical and flexible approach reflects our commitment to providing efficient, adaptable solutions and perfectly suited to your unique workspace needs.

Signature Style Private Cubicle Options 

Select Style Private Cubicle Options


Cost Effective 

Our Signature series private cubicle stands out not only for its exceptional features but also for its cost-effectiveness, offering a competitive advantage with a price point half that of other prominent workstation brands. 


This affordability ensures that businesses can invest in high-quality workstations without compromising their budgets. The Signature series is a practical choice that delivers value without sacrificing quality, making it an optimal solution for organizations seeking top-notch workstations at a reasonable cost.

Private Office Cubicles For Every Industry 

SUNLINE has collaborated with major corporations such as Amazon, Panasonic, and American Airlines, in addition to serving the unique needs of thousands of medium and small-sized businesses spanning diverse industries. 


Our expertise extends across various sectors, offering private office cubicles to optimize workspaces for organizations of all sizes and types.


  • Corporate Offices: Enhance productivity and privacy in large corporate settings.
  • Technology Companies: Provide versatile workspaces for dynamic tech environments.
  • Financial Institutions: Offer secure and focused workstations for financial professionals.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Create private work areas for administrative and support staff.
  • Educational Institutions: Facilitate focused workspaces for educators and administrative personnel.
  • Call Centers: Optimize open floor plans with designated private spaces for call center employees.
  • Legal Firms: Ensure confidentiality and concentration in legal office settings.
  • Creative Agencies: Support collaboration while providing individual spaces for creativity.
  • Startups: Offer flexibility and scalability for evolving startup environments.
  • Government Offices: Provide modular solutions for diverse government office needs.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Optimize workspaces for efficient nonprofit operations.
  • Manufacturing Companies: Implement private offices within manufacturing facilities for administrative roles.
  • Retail Headquarters: Create functional and private workspaces for retail management teams.
  • Consulting Firms: Support client confidentiality and focused work for consulting professionals.
  • Research Institutions: Facilitate concentration and collaboration in research-focused environments.
  • Design Studios: Offer private work areas for designers to focus on creative projects.


Have questions or ready to transform your workspace with a private cubicle? Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out at (610) 937-4897 or online today.