Chapter 6: How to Install and Assemble Office Furniture

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To install and assemble office furniture, you’ll generally need tools and a little experience. Every configuration is different, so you’ll need to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and make sure you have the right tools before you start connecting the pieces. Although you don’t have to hire professionals to do the job for you, it may be worth it depending on your situation. Professionals will ensure your new office furniture is assembled and installed quickly, correctly and safely. And, since you probably plan on having your employees and clients use the new furniture, you want to ensure they’re safe while doing so. In this chapter, we’ll provide tips for office furniture installation to help the DIYers. If you get stuck and realize you need the helping hand of a pro, reach out to us at Sunline Office.

Tips For Assembling An Office Desk

Assembly instructions for an office desk should be easy to follow, right? If a half an hour has passed, and you’re still trying to open the box the desk parts came in, don’t fret. Here are tips to help you survive the desk-assembly process:

  • Put it together on-site: Plan to assemble the desk where you’ll use it so that you don’t have to worry about transporting it once it’s ready. Make sure you have adequate room to assemble the desk first.
  • Recruit a buddy: It’s a good idea to have an assistant nearby to help with the assembly. If no one’s available, consider using clamps to help you while you work.
  • Read the instructions: First, look over the manufacturer’s instructions to get an idea of the sequence. You might read over the instructions several times until you feel confident you’re ready to begin.
  • Gather tools: Gather the tools you need to put the desk together. This may include a tape measure, Allen wrench, drill, screwdriver, hammer and level. It may also help to grab a few small containers to keep nails and other tiny pieces organized.
  • Lay out the parts: Lay all the pieces out so you can work more efficiently. This is another reason you want to ensure you have plenty of space in your office before you get started.
  • Take your time: Make sure you don’t book any meetings the day you plan to assemble the desk. You’ll need time to work at a comfortable pace and follow each step precisely.
  • Watch videos: If you’re having trouble following the instructions, check the manufacturer’s website and see if they have tutorial videos available to help you visualize the process. If the manufacturer does not provide any videos, you may be able to find tutorials online through other resources.
  • Double-check your work: Reread the instructions and double-check each assembled part to ensure it’s in the right place. This will help prevent any “whoops” moments later on.

How To Assemble Cubicles

When most people look at cubicles, they probably don’t contemplate how they were put together. Although cubicles look rather simple in design, putting a traditional cubicle together is an involved process. Thankfully, a modern sliding system, like a Sunline cubicle, is easier to assemble. To assemble and install Sunline cubicles, you’ll need a few tools such as a level, drill and screws. Next, take these steps:

  1. Lubricate the posts: Use the provided wipes to lubricate the grooves inside each post lightly. This will make it easier to slide the panels in place.
  2. Assemble the first panel: Slide the bottom panel into the corner post. You might add a raceway here. Slide a post on the other side, likely a two-way post, to connect panels horizontally. Complete the panel by filling it in with other sliding sections, creating any configuration you want.
  3. Put together the remaining panels: Hold up the next post and slide in more panels. Be sure to use the right connector post whenever you come to a corner to create a two-side corner, T-intersection or a four-way intersection of panels.
  4. Add the file cabinets: You can add the file cabinets once you have all the panels assembled in the configuration you want. The cabinets are designed to bear the weight of the countertop. You’ll install cantilevers, which will hold the work surface up.
  5. Install the overhead storage cabinets: To install overhead storage cabinets, you’ll simply clip each cabinet into the groove on the top panel. Self-tapping screws can add extra security and ensure the cabinets stay in place.
  6. Secure the work surfaces: Add the cantilevers and clips to support the work surface. Place the countertop on the supports and secure them underneath with flat metal plates.

If you need help along the way, check out our tutorial video.

How Do You Connect Power To A Cubicle?

The cubicle wiring depends on whether you have panels with raceways or have to use extension cords under the panels. You may need to install a power whip that will connect the cubicle to the building’s power source. It’s best to hire a licensed electrician to connect the electrical whip to the main power safely. Otherwise, the instructions that come with your cubicle will tell you how to connect the wiring properly.

Ask The Pros For Help

Even if you purchase the highest quality piece of furniture, it won’t do much good if it’s not assembled and installed properly. It’s worth hiring professionals to do the job to ensure the furniture is assembled and installed quickly and correctly. At Sunline Office, we offer a professional installation service to save you time and bring you peace of mind.

We Got Your Back At Sunline Office

Designing or redesigning your office takes careful consideration and planning. After all, it’s where you and your employees spend a significant amount of time and energy. It’s worth it to create a space that’s inviting, comfortable and promotes well-being. Happy employees are productive employees, and every boss knows that business can’t get anywhere without a dedicated workforce. Fortunately, designing a great office space is much easier than it was a hundred years ago. Thanks to decades of research and technological advancements, furniture manufacturers have a better understanding of how to impress clients and enhance comfort and functionality. At Sunline Office, we have everything you need for a complete office transformation, from flexible cubicles to sleek executive chairs. You and your employees deserve innovative furniture to bring out your best and make each workday a little less stressful. To start your office makeover, browse our furniture online, or get in touch with us today!

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