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Partnering with SUNLINE means gaining access to a range of products that set the benchmark for rapid assembly, disassembly, and reconfiguration, establishing a new standard for flexible office systems. 

SUNLINE’s success stories extend to collaborations with esteemed entities such as Amazon, Panasonic, and American Airlines, in addition to numerous medium and small-sized organizations spanning diverse industries.

Explore sleek office panel systems, ergonomic seating, cutting-edge glass walls, and more to seamlessly elevate your office workstations with SUNLINE Office.

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Modern office furniture. 

Revamp your office space with a modern flair. 

SUNLINE offers a vibrant array of top-notch, budget-friendly, and contemporary office furniture. 

Whether you’re in the midst of a redesign or a complete upgrade, we’ve got the perfect solutions for your business. 

Explore our range, featuring stylish office cubicles, sleek office partitions, and ergonomic office workstations — because your workspace deserves nothing but the best.

SUNLINE Signature Panel System

Welcome to the future of cubicles.

SUNLINE Signature panel systems redefine the conventional cubicle, offering a blend of innovation, style, and functionality. Experience a spectrum of vibrant colors, diverse sizes, and versatile configurations, coupled with convenient cubicle accessories that enhance your workspace. Our flexible and customizable cubicle system empowers us to craft your dream office entirely in-house, from meticulous space planning to tailored cubicle heights. 

Signature Panel System Styles:

SUNLINE Select Panel System

This classic office icon just got a face-lift.

SUNLINE Select panel systems have improved upon the classic cubicle design with quality, customization, flexibility, and affordability.

Unleash your creativity and build bespoke cubicles that perfectly align with your unique business needs. 

Select System Styles:


private office cubicle with doors

Say hello to a new type of office partition.

Elevate your workspace to new heights with SUNLINE Synergy — a cutting-edge solution that brings transparency and sophistication to office environments. 

Our glass walls seamlessly blend modern design with functionality, fostering an atmosphere of openness and collaboration. Experience a heightened sense of productivity as natural light floods through, creating a vibrant and inspiring work environment. 

Office Seating


The office has never been more comfortable.

Discover a new level of comfort and support with SUNLINE Ergo Seating.

Our ergonomic chairs are crafted with precision to prioritize your well-being, promoting optimal posture and reducing fatigue.

Privacy Booths

privacy booth

Work like no one else.

These sleek booths create a secluded space, optimizing productivity in any bustling office.

Whether you need to take a meeting or need an uninterrupted work session, SUNLINE privacy booths have you covered.

About Sunline Office

SUNLINE Office is the leading manufacturer of the revolutionary SUNLINE Signature Panel System, a sliding-panel workstation which allows for complete workspace flexibility, functionality, and customization – from workstation wall height to accent color, and even custom panel printing. With the ability to be assembled, disassembled, and then reconfigured within hours, our workstations are the absolute best in flexible office systems.

SUNLINE has worked with billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Panasonic, and American Airlines, as well as thousands of other medium and small-size organizations across all industries, outfitting their workspaces with multiple workstation configurations. 

Our Signature panel system has taken the office furniture world by storm – not just because of the ease of assembly and functionality – but also the affordability of the system. Our Signature series costs about half the price of other leading workstation brands. Because our system is so affordable and easy to assemble, SUNLINE has been popping up in Fortune 500 offices across the world. It is the perfect solution for rapidly growing companies that need quality workstations with the flexibility and ease to be reconfigured at the drop of a hat.

Unlocking workplace potential 

Running a business is no walk in the park — let us take some of the stress off. 

We pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for space planning, design, and installation at affordable prices that meet your needs. Our acclaim has reverberated across Fortune 500 offices worldwide, positioning us as the ideal solution for rapidly expanding companies seeking superior workstations with the ease and flexibility to be reconfigured swiftly.

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