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Whether you’re redesigning or upgrading your office’s furniture, Sunline has you covered with a full line of quality, affordable, modern office furniture to meet your business’s needs.

Sunline Sliding Cubicle System

This classic office icon just got a face-lift. Sunline cubicle systems improve the classic cubicle design with innovative color, size, and configuration options and convenient cubicle accessories. Using the most flexible and customizable cubicle system available, we can completely design your ideal workspace in-house, from space planning to cubicle height. You can even build your own cubicles to meet your unique business demands.

About Sunline Office

Sunline Office is the leading manufacturer of the revolutionary Sunline Sliding Cubicle System, which allows for complete workspace flexibility, functionality, and customization – from cubicle wall height, to accent color, and even custom panel printing. With the ability to be assembled, disassembled, and then reconfigured within hours, our workstations are the absolute best in flexible office systems.

Our sliding cubicle system has taken the office furniture world by storm – not just because of the ease of assembly and functionality – but also the affordability of the system. Our sliding cubicles costs about half the price of other leading workstation brands. Because our system is so affordable and easy to assemble, Sunline has been popping up in Fortune 500 offices across the world. It is the perfect solution for rapidly growing companies that need quality workstations with the flexibility and ease to be reconfigured at the drop of a hat.

Sunline has worked with billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Panasonic, and American Airlines, as well as thousands of other medium and small-size organizations across all industries, outfitting their workspaces with multiple workstation configurations. Sunline: unlocking workplace potential, one panel at a time. 

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Sunline Sliding Cubicle System

This classic office icon just got a face-lift. Sunline cubicles have improved upon the classic cubicle design with innovative color, size and configuration options, as well as convenient cubicle accessories.